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Advertising is an evergreen sector that acts as a bridge between the manufacturers, companies & their customers/users. Irrespective of what product or service or company people have been consistently working to sustain in the market and establish themselves as a reliable source for their buyers.

If we look the other way round it takes days or even weeks to plan, design, develop, endorse celebrities, shoot, edit, allocate time slots & finally release the ad. Not every ad is a hit and not every product is appreciated by the viewers. Sometimes it’s depressing to consider the fact that people actually skip ads very often.

Another aspect to all the hard work is once an ad campaign is live (thanks to technology & digital revolution), tons of data stating feedbacks & reviews can be gathered with the help of CRM software and market research software.

It takes immense time, manpower, and energy to collect all the data, to process it; though we are very much aware of the value these insights hold due to which our marketing and advertising campaigns suffer, thus delivering inefficient results.

Why wouldn’t entrepreneurs think ahead of time and consider artificial intelligence for its credibility, quick responses, time-saving benefits, and prime gain being cost reduction? By acquiring faster outcomes firms also gain a humongous competitive advantage without having to lose abundant amounts of time & money for brands.

AI as defined refers to the stimulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. A branch of computer science that deals with the development of smart machines to perform tasks that typically require humongous amounts of manpower, time & energy.

Where does AI apply in advertising ??

Though we humans have all the capabilities to design, produce, and measure advertising; the demographics earned are huge. That’s where AI fits in the picture. Measuring clicks per ad, insights, views & impressions is the role of AI & that would help humans improve their concepts based on the statistics also not draining their energies to the very last.

Virtual Reality is no longer science fiction. It’s the reality today. People have begun to understand its use and implement in their traditional methods. Industries such as construction, medical, films have begun to incorporate VR and have displayed successful results.

VR as defined refers to a computer-generated simulation in which a person can interact within an artificial three-dimensional environment using electronic devices, such as special goggles with a screen or gloves fitted with sensors. In this simulated artificial environment, the user is able to have a realistic-feeling experience. Through a virtual reality viewer, users can look up, down, or any which way, as if they were actually present there.

Storytelling is considered the most effective medium of conveying a message since the very beginning. People excelled in the art of storytelling & films used to be a strong medium.

What does VR promise? It helps you to sense the presence, make you feel that presence while in reality, you’re somewhere else. What wonders could happen if such technology could be used to let people feel the brand, the product/service, experience everything even before they purchase? Best part? One can feel the presence right at home.

This can help brand owners and the ones investing hefty amounts in advertising only to realise people have skipped them. With VR general public is interested to learn, experience & enjoy the feel which is an outright advantage for companies to convey their product and convince the customer. Increasing sales with VR seems more like a possible outcome and we can see that the new technology is becoming an important medium for advertising in the near future.



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