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Methods of advertising :

  1. Digital Medium – Social media ads ( Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest), Email advertising, pay-per-click ads, affiliate marketing.
  2. Mobile Medium – Ads through WhatsApp, text messages, or banner advertisements displayed on a mobile web site.
  3. Print & broadcast medium – Newspaper, magazines, leaflets, television, radio, mailers, posters, podcasts, blogs & websites.
  4. Outdoor Advertising – Billboards, hoardings, bus benches, taxis, business vehicles, street furniture, lamp posts, guerrilla advertising, bridge advertisements, etc.


Types of Advertising :

  1. Product advertising – Ensuring product awareness amongst potential buyers.
  2. Financial advertising – Advertisements related to financial products like banks, insurance companies, etc.
  3. Celebrity advertising – Advertising by using a famous personality or celebrity images only after the personality agrees for their image to be used.
  4. Corporate Advertising – A promotional strategy designed to create a positive reputation along with a view to interest consumers.
  5. Competitive Advertising – Companies trying to create a contrast between their product & the similar product offered by their competitors.
  6. Comparative Advertising – Similar to competitive advertising, it displays competitor products to compare it with their own.
  7. Surrogate Advertising – The type of advertising which focuses on promoting banned products like alcohol, cigarettes by using the reference of another product produced by the same company.
  8. Public Service Advertising – Advertisements that are related to public interest or ads that persuade consumers to engage in healthy behaviours or good citizenship. Most often these are initiated by the government or non-profit organisations.
  9. Covert Advertising – Advertising without mentioning or specifying the content
  10. Commercial advertising – A television advertisement produced for a span of time and paid for by an organisation.
  11. Response advertising – Advertising that focuses on generating conversations, an advertisement where the consumer is tempted to respond.
  12. Service Advertisement – Marketing of economic activities, offered by the businesses to its clients for adequate information.
  13. Interactive Advertising – Online or offline interactive media to communicate with consumers & to promote products, brands, services, etc.
  14. Advocacy Advertising – Use if marketing to support a particular message or a cause. Considered to be undertaken in the interest of a group or the public & typically does not promote a product or service.
  15. Classified Advertising – The type of advertising common in newspapers or online which is more or less distributed free of charge.
  16. Bandwagon Advertisements – Involves asking customers to join the group of people who have purchased the product & are satisfied with it.


So many forms of advertising! No wonder the field is considered evergreen. What type of advertising would you choose? Or a type that would suit your brand?

Choosing the right medium & the right form can present amazing results. All results are based on how we advertise.

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