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Mart – SVL Enterprises  

FMCG is an evergreen sector and one wouldn’t doubt it. Establishing a supermarket would want you to consider many factors even before making investment plans.

Some of the factors being :

  • Location – Residential area, developing locality, the scope for growth
  • Need/demand for a grocery store or a supermarket
  • Local Authority guidelines & restrictions
  • Transportation & Visibility
  • Space availability – Lease / purchase rates, place dimensions

    S.Mart located in Indira Nayak Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh was started by two brothers – Mr. M. S. Sastry & M. Srinivas in the year 2017. Having solid experience for about 20 years in the weighing scale and packaging industry, the sudden drift in career path according to them is to ensure their kids can always have a backup – a plan B in case they have issues with their career in the future.

    They believe FMCG is one sector that needs no engineering or medical degree, a field that can be managed by anyone who can understand the basics of it.

    “Continuing in the technical background wouldn’t allow our kids to take up our business if needed in the future.” – Sastry

    Hence they wish to lay a strong base that can help anyone in their life.

    We have successfully helped them with recruiting employees for sales, accounting & store management.

    We provide attendance reports, salary insights, and internal communications. enWEgor has been associated with S. Mart since July 2020 and we wish to maintain a cordial relationship in the future.