Public Relations

Employee welfare activities

Establishing and Maintaining relations with employees is key for public relations. Our services assist you to draft various employee welfare activities including provision of loans, free medical facilities, education facilities, housing benefits, retirement benefits which help in maintaining loyalty of the workforce.

Crisis Management

We have expertise in taking care of the uncertainties and threats being posed to thes brand in near future. While we provide for handling and managing the crisis of your brand, we also ensure the response to these threats being swift and effective.

Customer Interaction

We drive our most effective forces to create and maintain positive relationships with consumers which retain their loyalty towards your brand. We monitor the behavior of your customers and take actionable steps to ensure stability of mutual relations between company and customers.

Media Relations

We have built meaningful relations with media at different levels from regional to international. The insights of our media relations support the sufficient exposure of your brand in general public. It ensures the communication of your brand story and latest successes in public and market.

Product launch and corporate events

We plan product launch events of brands taking care of managing guest lists, venues, press releases, media, advertising and everything else included to make it a great success. Nonetheless, we are not limited to planning product launch events; we also have made other corporate events a success.

Content Marketing

Marketing the content of a brand implies grabbing attention of customers by telling brand stories in the right way. It helps in making the brand visible to potential customers right in front of their eyes. We provide for marketing the various kinds of content on various platforms ensuring reach of potential customers.

Social Media Management & Experiential Marketing

For every brand, online presence has become mandatory. The content of your brand online directly influences your brand image. Our Social Media managers and marketers devise best suited strategies to ensure the positive and compelling image of your brand on social media.

Influencer Relations

Influencers have been becoming the face of various brands these days as people try to copy their lifestyle. This has caused the brands to make influencers endorse their brand. But, here at enWEgor, you can sit back as we already have friendly relations with various influencers who can become the face of your brand giving more exposure.

Let’s start a company together

One good perspective of your customer towards the brand can create a huge impact on the brand value, product and change the dynamics of your sales. In fact, most often branding is considered as a tool to increase customer reach.

Let us take care of your branding; no blunder promised.