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Covid-19 has impacted everyone in various ways. While few firms excelled at heights, many lost their jobs. This is the reason; a large number of people are considering freelance work. After US, India is the second-largest freelancing industry. There are over 15 million people working independently in innumerable sectors. Freelancing has made it possible for people to earn real good money while utilizing their own unused skills and natural talents.

Keeping this in mind, we have come with beneficial techniques that can assist freelancers to attract and retain their clients.

1. Create Content

People tend to believe more of what they see than what they hear. This is the reason; you should create content before selling it. For creating content, you can start your own blog or launch your own website. There, as everyone will be able to see your work, your skills will be visible in a professional medium and you shall be considered as an expert.

2. Well established Portfolio

Portfolio plays a crucial role during hiring process of freelancers as it helps them to show their experience in a specific field. Whether you are a content writer, copywriter, graphic designer, or website developer, your portfolio describes your work and will help you acquire more clients.

3. Update your LinkedIn profile

Besides Portfolio, most clients prefer to look at the LinkedIn profile of the content creators while hiring. The outdated LinkedIn profile never satisfies the recruiter and for this only reason, most of the freelancers lose their clients. So, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is accurately updated with necessary skills and experience information.

4. Word of Mouth

The description of your work by someone else in person has a great impact on the acquisition and retention of your clients. When someone refers you to the person they know, that results are much efficient. This requires commendable work fromeveryone and better connectivity with people.

5. Network online

Networking attracts a lot of prospects. This requires you to connect with people who are related to your field. You can also attend events and webinars hosted for freelancers or professionals in your field. This will help you know more people and this presence will attract a larger number of potential clients.

6. Offers to Existing Clients

Your existing clients should also be focussed rather than merely focusing on acquiring new clients. To ensure the sustainability of your existing clients, you can offer loyalty offers to your existing clients. This will make your clients obliged towards you and you will have a better personal connection with them.

With certain ways mentioned above, freelancers can have greater chances at attracting new clients and ensuring the sustainability of existing ones. This will eventually increase your earnings.