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This was in the year 2018, when one of our team members – Mr. Rohith, wanted to start a foundation for all the students who quit their education after 10th due to financial burdens. This foundation would provide financial aid for students willing to join engineering, medicine, degree or anyone who wish to showcase their talent ( like dancing, singing, drawing, theatre arts, etc) but do not proceed further as they cannot afford stage rents, props, or proper guidance. The idea could not be put into action due to certain restrictions. 2 years later in the month of November, Rohith, who now is not a part of enWEgor approached us for help.

We have started planning in its initial stages from funding, establishment, licenses, marketing, and publicity.

At the pace at which the work is being carried out, we have designed a roadmap and a timeline according to which Harshitha’s foundation could be able to help kids from July 2021.

It is so far one of our most challenging, yet interesting projects. As we always mention our focus is on startups and small-scale businesses, hence all our projects will focus on developing such initial projects