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A future project that aspires to create a place for humans to live carbon-free. Mr. Ram Kishore says that “ There is a humongous scope for us to create a carbon negative environment for sustainable and healthy living.”

C-City is considered as Carbon negative city and thus the name. A promising future project working with a team of 15, everybody is dedicated and strives to deliver justifiable results within the time period.

We as a team of enWEgor approached Ram through a common friend. We tried explaining to him the need to manage employees, their needs, and requirements along with certain communications within the organisation.

Though he was not very sure about giving us a chance as we hardly had very few projects in our basket, we managed to convince him to give us a chance.

As this is considered a future project, our collaboration with the company and its team is sure to be in force for a longer duration.

We hope to take up future projects like branding and launching of the idea once everything is ready for common man’s use.