About Us

Who are we?

Almost in a decade, the India start-up has become the 3rd largest hub in the world & approximately, 10,000 small businesses emerge every year in India.

Establishing every firm, creating market space & managing the organization is tough, especially with fierce competition and high market standards. The average expense a company bares for advertising, marketing, PR, business management & market research can be reduced to half with proper understanding of the market.

enWEgor is an advertising, public relations, business management & branding services firm.

We aim at bridging the gap between the small scale/start-up businesses & the not so cheap advertising and marketing services.

Our Vision

To create an invigorating experience for startups &small-scale industries on a daily basis.

Our Mission

To establish a firm market base & createbrand value for organizations’ sustainability while developing profound connections.

Value Statement

Perception. Persistence. Perfection.

enWEgor is a team of people committed to understand customer perspective, work with endurance & deliver a convincing step – by – step process towards success.

History of our organisation

What ‘enWEgor’ is now has a gradual journey of its own. We started as freelancers providing only content writing services for websites, company profiles, brochures, press release articles in the year 2016. It was in the year 2019, when we moved one step further with market research & marketing services under the name ‘Keystone Marketing.’ This step of ours gave us a major backlash that we had to shut down our operations in 2019 itself. 

Overcoming the crisis, ‘enWEgor’ was commenced in July 2020 to provide Advertising, Public Relations & Management services, as we observed Public Relations services in India needed the boost and it was getting difficult for start-ups to manage all the services on their own. Now, enWEgor has stepped in the market with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Our online magazine focusing primarily on freelancers, start-ups and unsung and lesser known brands is also going to release soon. As we have seen this ourselves, we are putting our best foot to bring such start-ups to light.

Our Team

Swetha Parvathi

Managing Director& Financial Advisor

Priyatham Reddy

Administration & Operations

Deepthi Sarma

Chief Editor & Blogger

Kashish Agarwal

Graphic designer

Mehak Kalra

Freelance Content Writer